HOP PRODUCTS s.r.o. offers all the available assortment of Czech and world hop varieties directly from renowned producers - hop growers and processors in the Czech Republic, England and the USA, in all forms of the most commonly used brewing industry. A detailed description of the varieties is available here VARIETY. At our distribution store in Most we usually have more than 60 varieties all year round.

The full range of varieties of HopProducts s.r.o. is to go HERE.



We offer hops processed in the form of:

- granules / pellets of type T90 and T45;

- pressed dried head, prepared into so-called briquettes for use in hopper or cold hop

- fresh head ("fresh hop"), available only during harvest - only Czech varieties

- extracts of hops (CO2 and ethanol) - base extracts, Alpha extracts, Beta extracts and extracts of essential oils

- pure hops essential oils (essential oils)

We offer all hop products in original packages, hop pellets and head hops are aluminum packages filled with carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N), most often in a volume of 5-10 kg. For small breweries and domestic brewers ("homebrewers"), we offer a smaller vacuum package as required (see our e-shop).

Hop extracts are available in tin cans from 150g to 3kg.