Hop Aroma Super

Hop Aroma Super

Product Info:

YC-HopAroma Super is a hops product in the form of an extract containing bitters of bitter acids and essential oils, which is added to the wort during the hops in a wort basin to give the beer a unique and specific hop flavor and aroma. Contains a minimum of bitter alpha, so its aim is not to add bitterness or significantly affect the bitter taste! The ratio and composition of the individual ingredients (aroma) is variely specific. The resulting effect depends on the dose and time of addition of the extract to the kettle.

YC-HopAroma Super is preferably used as a partial replacement or supplement to the hops used to deliver the desired flavor. Adding it will increase the amount of essential oils that are lost in the kettle or if the hops used contain less than we require or if we want to create a unique and original flavor.

Benefits of use:

- it is a very good quality natural product
- allows to create a unique hops aroma in beer
- when used during hops, it contributes to better sludge formation
- supplied beta acids and hops strengthen the antimicrobial effect of hops, improve the shelf life of beer
- helps to curb worms
- in the content of active hop substances it is a very stable product
- it is not biological material and there is no possibility of contamination by biotic admixtures and impurities
- economically efficient in the storage, handling and use of active ingredients

Recommended application:

YC-hoparoma super added at the beginning of the hops affects positively the foaming, we also add hops aroma to the end of the hop. The use is individual and depends very much on the raw materials used and the recipe of each brewery!


10 - 15 min. before the end of the hops for the distinctive aroma character


20 - 50 g / 10 hl of the volume of finished beer at the end of the hop

Prior to dosing, we recommend preheating in a water bath to 40 ° C for better application.

Appearance and composition:

Light brown to brown, with a cold paste, containing:

less than 1.2% alpha of bitter acids

30-55% of bitter acids beta

20 - 32% of hop oils (essential oils)


Optimal storage temperature is between -3 ° C and 20 ° C. Shelf life from the date of manufacture is 5 years in undamaged packaging. The fresh hops aroma and flavor properties do not change even after long-term storage

Producer and origin: Yakima Chief - Hopunion, Inc., United States of America

Packaging: The original 4 kg cans containing 3 kg of pure extract