HOP PRODUCTS s.r.o. offers to the Czech Republic a complete range of malts of the English malting plant SIMPSONS. Simpsons Malt, respectively. the Simpson family began to produce and trade malt in 1862, and their company became the largest independent malt in the UK, producing up to 285,000 tons of malt per year. The Simpsons headquarters and largest malt-house are located in Berwickupon-Tweed, Northumberland, between Lammermuir Hills in the north and Cheviots in the south, known for its barley. The soil here originates in glacial drift, which gives it the lightness necessary to grow high-quality malting barley. The very name Berwick is actually derived from the first Anglo-Saxon words for Barley = Ber (e) and Small Town = Wick. Nearby are also their agricultural department of McCreath Simpson & Prentice Berwick. At Tivetshall Maltings, Norfolk, the heart of the English malting barley, a variety of roasted malts are produced, as well as a substantial part of their production for export.

All Simpsons malt is made exclusively of the highest quality double-row malting barley. Simpsons stores almost 100% of their annual stock of barley at harvest time in their own, well-stocked warehouses. The company is able to provide records of the origin of raw material from seed to finished malt.

Thanks to the experience of malt production, since 1862, today, the company produces a wide range of high-quality malt, including special roasted malts for brewing, distilleries and the food industry.

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Malt is available in our store for a pack of 25 kg / sack.